China’s electric furnace equipment statistics: 423 units, 218 million tons!

In 2021, China’s electric furnace steel production capacity was approximately 186 million tons, and it is expected that approximately 20 million tons of electric furnace steel production capacity will be newly built and released by 2023. The total production capacity is expected to exceed 210 million tons. In 2021, China’s electric furnace steel production was 110 million tons, accounting for 10.7% of the annual crude steel production, and there is still a considerable gap from the proportion of over 15% in 2025. In 2021, the operating rate of electric furnace steel equipment will be stable at more than 50% for a long time. However, problems such as small scale of electric furnace steelmaking enterprises, low industrial concentration and single product variety still exist. At the same time, due to the relatively small quantity of scrap steel in China, high cost, and the repeated COVID-19 epidemic, the continuous decline of finished steel prices, dual control of production capacity, total energy consumption and intensity, etc., since April this year, The operating rate of electric furnaces is gradually decreasing, and the production of electric furnace steel is also significantly declining.

In the context of “dual carbon”, in order for China’s steel industry to achieve green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, it is essential to organically combine the strategy of expanding domestic demand with deepening supply side structural reform, optimize the process flow structure, and develop electric furnace steel reasonably. This will help to truly achieve effective improvement in steel product quality and reasonable growth in electric furnace steel production.




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